Digital solutions tailor made for your company!

Digital transformation strategies

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Digital solutions tailor made for your company!

Digital transformation strategies

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Our Services


Development Squads

We scale and manage technology teams to create solutions for our customers.



Working together, we analyze data to create reports and dashboards that will help generation insights.

Manutenção de Sistemas

System Maintenance

Working in squads, our multidisciplinary team with agile methodology to support and upgrade systems.

Aplicativos móveis

Mobile apps

Track the performance of the most active users on the platform.



System and database integration using API services or file processing.

Product Discovery

Product Discovery

Group dynamics to help the customer understand and discover the product or service they want to create or improve.

Criação & Design

Creation & Design

Creative team specialized in UI/UX ensuring friendly interfaces in our projects.



Professional Team specialized in cloud solutions working in project´s hosting and maintenance.

Soluções de Trade Marketing

Trade Marketing Solutions

Through the implementation of TradeSuite or creation of customized solutions, we develop projects for Trade Marketing.

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Our Customers

Bradesco Seguros
General Motors
Kraft Foods
Schneider Eletrics
Boa Vista Serviços
Beleza na Web
Sherwin Williams


About Us

Escritório Astéria


Since 2005 in the market, Astéria stands out for being a unique company, with the ability to understand the requirements and particularities of each project offering exclusive and innovative solutions.

Directed by multidisciplinary professionals with extensive experience in the digital universe, we believe that technology should be used to serve and help people achieve better results.

Over its 17 years of operation, Astéria has developed important projects for big companies in various segments. Our Trade Marketing Projects stood out in some of our clients due to their excellent results. Thus, We began to identify ourselves with these projects more and more, therefore adding even more value to our customers.

Culture & DNA

Our greatest asset is our People, who work in a collaborative and innovative environment, aligned with our values and goals.

Strategies and Results

We make our goals clear, always focusing on the Client. We work to deliver the greatest experience with the best results.


We use technology to help our clients achieve better results. This is possible because of our highly qualified team which is constantly updated on Trade Marketing concepts.

Processes and Governance

We use a system of methodology and governance in our processes which ensure efficiency, performance and security.


“I am proud to have Asteria as a partner of our business, a creative team and very dedicated that has brought important innovations for Kimberly-Clark lawsuits. Extreme quality in everything perform. Congrats!”

Alessandro Moraes - Mr Trade Promotion Manager

“Asteria was indicated by another area and since the first contact the whole team was super attentive, professional, didactic (we are not IT) and reliable, giving us a lot of security during the whole process for the implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the first project. the agility in the responses, speed in solving problems, technical capacity, punctuality in the deliveries and seriousness are important factors for our company. we stay very satisfied with this partnership and we are already together on a second project. With sure, it is a supplier we recommend.”

Patrícia Fecci - Mkt and Color Services Manager

“Estação Brasil has partnered with Astéria for a decade, during which time communication has evolved a lot and the use of technology has become essential to the our campaigns, digital or offline. We have already developed a series of solutions for the agency's clients in partnership with Astéria, and I always, I repeat, always had absolute and perfect delivery, in every action, in every campaign, regardless of the challenge. I like how face the works and I admire the solutions that they present to us, I share a lot our success with Asteria.”

Walter Giglio - Director

“Astéria always surprises with the level of quality of work. They are tuned in in trends and very agile in deliveries.

The team has charisma and synergy, always suggesting good ideas and willing to deliver with a sense of urgency.

We are grateful to build this partnership with such a qualified company. All this stands out exponentially, with its applications being expanded for other Schneider units in other countries.”

Lívia Velarde, Luísa Macedo and Thiago Rocha - Digital Marketing and Innovation

“Execution has been working with Astéria since 2017 and we have always believed and we trust in their work. They are our technology development arm in the project of Bradesco's Social Network, we have already carried out several seasonal actions and several adjustments on our website. We have always been well taken care of. It is a company competent and always with innovative ideas. We hope to continue the partnership per many years!”

Regis Gomes - Projects

“Astéria is fundamental in our process of digital maturation. As partners in all support and maintenance of website and technology projects, collaborate with technical expertise to guide, plan and implement solutions suited to our needs. Always close, available and open to to review processes and choices that are beneficial to all sides.”

Neila Duarte - Marketing/Communication and Press office

“When I joined Galgo, the partnership with Astéria already existed and I believe that only improved over the years. Asteria was present at times important of our trajectory. With the team always willing to meet our requests, We have a great relationship based on a lot of conversation. Our work together It always happens in a transparent and efficient way for our business.”

Rachel Pinheiro - Marketing and Communication

“Astéria helps me on a daily basis, taking care of the platform we use to manage the operation of disclosure, issuance, validation and use of Bonus Letters, hosting, maintaining and improving, meeting the security requirements established by the headquarters team.

All demands are met and resolved quickly. It's a company partner too much, always willing to find alternatives to solve together any problem.

Whenever they ask me, I indicate with pleasure and conviction that they will provide one great service.”

Thiago Rique - Marketing and Communication


Yes. Astéria will understand the current process acting from consultative manner, to map and document needs creating important insights for developing the ideal solution.

Yes. Astéria does regularly maintenance and sustenance in the system. We also implement new features, give support and monitor.

Yes. Astéria works with multidisciplinary squads using agile methodologies to ensure assertive deliveries and identify any diversions from what was planned fast. Activities are planned in sprints on Azure DevOps and we have regular meetings with our clients for follow-up.

Yes. Astéria offers a squad as a service according to your needs.

Yes. We have a multidisciplinary team that takes care of all visual details of your project, creating rich and intuitive interfaces to enhance the user experience.

Yes. Astéria offers a service called Product Discovery that will help you design the best solution for your business, covering all steps in the processes, from research with users to prototype draw up with the most precise layout.

Yes. Astéria integrates third party APIs, such as payment gateways, carriers, CRM, ERP, among other integration services available

Yes. Astéria offers a service which studies a technical viability and estimates the budget necessary for your project. Usually it is necessary to develop a POC - Proof of Concept to validate and demonstrate in an easy way how a certain feature works and fits specific needs, so that the risk can be mitigated.

Before any development, there is a prototype phase to map all expected functionalities for the project. The developing phase will only begin after the client approves the prototype.

Yes. Astéria offers the management and hosting cloud using resources from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

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